We are a team of digital engineers from the future. We have returned to provide next-generation services.

About Us

Why choose us?

We are a collective of dedicated artists, designers, software developers, hardware engineers, systems architects and sysadmins who are united by a dissatisfaction with the state of the industry. We decided to provide a better service to build systems for the future with next-generation tools and functionality at the same price point as existing services. We can help you to build an app, automate your business, develop a product or deploy your website with state-of-the-future services including security, scalability and real-time performance monitoring. Our development process is transparent and agile, keeping you in the loop with progress and project status.

Research & Development

We offer solutions from market research, project management, product feasability, software development, hardware testing and production. We offer free quotes and cheap consultations for anything your business needs. We specialise in high quality enterprise software. Contact us for other projects including personal homepages, private APIs or large scale data applications.


Website development

We can design, prototype, develop and deploy your dynamic website or webapp, hosted on your premises or in our secure cloud with monitoring.


Business automation, mobile apps, software-based products and web applications are the future of business, and we can support you through every step of the process.

Hardware design

We have experience designing, prototyping, manufacturing and programming embedded and networked devices. Contact us for a consultation.

Big data & Scalability

We offer secure management, backups and migration for databases and files. We work with a number of providers to deliver efficient systems to handle massive data throughput and traffic workloads.


We offer state of the art security with all of our projects and are able to guarantee uptime. Furthermore we have dedicated 24/7 monitoring available for critical projects.

UX/UI Experience

We have dedicated frontend and UX developers available to create the best experience your website or app can offer.

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